Top 20 NuGet iot Packages

Azure Industrial IoT OPC Vault API
Azure Industrial IoT common IoT Hub service client
Azure Industrial IoT Cryptography core
This is IoTTP.Core auxiliary class library for cross-process communication (passing execution parameters) based on NamedPipe.
Package Description
Digital Twin Device SDK for Azure IoT Hub
SDK library to connect with e-connect cloud services
The library contains Real-Time and system level programming support.
Accelerate the creation of .NET Core 3.x API projects exposing IoT Hub features (Azure IoTHub C# SDK) with minimal dependencies and a solution containing settings for DI/IoC, API versioning, automatic OpenAPI/Swagger documentation, separated layers, preconfigured mapping settings, preconfigured log ...
Open source UWP library for communication with 1-wire devices.
ANT Industrial Studio Commons Library C#/.NET Helper Library for .NET Core Framework
Azure Industrial IoT Json Serializer
Eltra - CANOpen based IoT Framework - SDK - Xamarin UI