Top 20 NuGet ioc Packages

MongoDB backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore. SourceLink is enabled.
CosmosDB backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore. SourceLink is enabled.
Simple data backing agnostic event store. SourceLink is enabled.
The microsoft dependency injection integration library for the singularity ioc container
Ninject extension that allows that child kernels can be defined.
Log4net Logging extension for Ninject
Unity Auto Registration extends the Unity IoC container and provides a fluent syntax to configure rules for automatic type registration. Using few lines of code you can scan specified assemblies and register all types that satisfy your rules. Rules for determining whether to include/exclude types/a...
The WebApiContrib.IoC.Ninject library provides dependency injection helpers for ASP.NET Web API.
Allows simple Integration of Microsoft's Unity IoC container with WCF. This is a signed assembly for maximum compatability when using in signed / unsigned projects or GAC.
Provides a service provider-based container adapter for Rebus
Unity interception enables you to effectively capture calls to objects and add additional functionality to the target object. Interception is useful when you want to modify the behavior for individual objects but not the entire class, very much as you would do when using the Decorator pattern. It pr...
Autofac integration for Azure Service Fabric. Provides service factory implementations for Actors, Stateful Services and Stateless Services.
RavenDb backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore. SourceLink is enabled.
Quick Start for Simple Injector WCF integration. This package adds the needed dependencies and code examples to get started quickly with Simple Injector in an WCF application.
Plugin that adds a ioc container to duality
The core library for the singularity ioc container
Cross-Cutting.NetCore bits. SourceLink is enabled.
Simple dynamic controllers package that puts the focus on resources. SourceLink is enabled.
Simple CQRS implementation that utilizes the decorator pattern. SourceLink is enabled.
AspNetCore bits. SourceLink is enabled.