Top 20 NuGet interceptor Packages

An NHibernate IInterceptor which adds an SQL comment containing a method name to all generated SQL. Finds the method name by walking the stack trace selecting the first method matching the supplied predicate.
Server exception handling in the client for TypeScript AngularJS web applications.
Autofac interceptor to do attribute-based parameter validation.
Stub Package to redirect to the new package name [DynamicObjectProxy]
DynamicObjectProxy that lets you intercept any methods of any object and adding decorations. Inspired by CBO Extender by Gary H. Guo
Some Sql Server performance analyzers to be used with the Performance Interceptor.
Global exceptions logger for Entity Framework 6.x using ELMAH.
Useful EF interceptors (nolock, transaction ..)
CacheInterceptor - Castle.Core Interceptor to cache method calls for any specified duration
Translate OleDbCommand to SQLiteCommand.
Performance Counter measurements facilitated by Castle Interceptors.
This is an implementation of service locator pattern with the intent to make it easier to create singeltons and resolve different concrete implementations based on conditions. This library does not implement DI patterns and does not rely on reflection which makes it light weight.
Entity Framework Second Level Caching Library.
This project is an adapation of StructureMap.DynamicInterception. This Project is a workaround to support dynamic interceptions with Lamar as interceptors are not supported yet natively by Lamar.
Powered by Castle Core, the AdapterInterceptor enables the generation of efficient dynamic proxies for proxying or adapting invocation contracts without requiring virtual methods on the target.
Provides an abstract base class `AsyncInterceptor` for Castle DynamicProxy that enables the use of `async`/`await` during interception of awaitable methods.
Decorator pattern for implement cross-cutting concerns (AOP).