Top 20 NuGet integration Packages

The Wonga.ServiceTesting.EndpointLauncher that helps with starting and managing lifecycle of external processes used in tests.
The Integration Library for Qixol Promo provides the classes needed to access the functionality of the cloud-based promotion engine in your project.
Interfaces used in integration projects.
This is the core framework with compatability for TestDriven.NET for Edison, to be used when writing tests. Edison is an open source unit/integration test framework for .NET.
Integration test tools such as LocalDb database creation for integration testing.
MSApprovalls DLL for tenant onboarding
This is a source package for Microsoft Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack for you to customize, reuse and learn from. Install and unzip from the source subfolder of the corresponding package folder
This module modifies the native HttpContext to hide the AppHarbor load balancing setup from ASP.NET. You no longer need to worry about port numbers, secure connections and eaten remote IP addresses. The following work-arounds will no longer be needed:
Adds basic MSBuild script and required infrastructure to your solution.
Helper to consume Blackstone gataway. For more information please contact to Blackstone Merchant Service at:
Creates an update scripts for sqlcmd to run - build in mind for dbup. Visit for more information.
Dependency free Node.js for .NET projects.
Provides interface to integrate applications in Eikon.
Adds a NuGet.config file, and .tfignore file so that your packages won't be checked into source control. Even though that means this package will be added by default, at least it includes no binaries.
A .net client package to access BGuest's Integration Api.
The Microsoft.TeamFoundation namespace provides classes and interfaces to work with artifacts (Artifact) in Team Foundation. This namespace also contains classes that represent general information about Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, such as TeamFoundationVersion and OperationalDatabaseNames....
Test harness for IIS Express
Test harness for SQL Server
Red Arrow Engage Integration API Service Model
A web API client for the Engage integration API