Top 20 NuGet immutable Packages

Package Description
Package Description
Defines an IImmutableSet that implements IReadOnlySet.
Immutable versions of `Memory<T>` and `Span<T>`, because `ReadOnlyMemory/Span` doesn't imply the underlying memory won't be mutated. These types take sole ownership of the underlying memory and only provide a non-mutating API which closely resembles `ReadOnlyMemory/Span`.
Provides a read-only array type that is convertible from T[] and ImmutableArray<T>.
For C#/VB Universal Windows code (UWP), use UnitsNet instead. This is a Windows Runtime Component with reduced functionality to support all UWP languages, such as JavaScript and C++, and other runtime components.
A very lightweight utility library for increased expressiveness.
An immutable, covariant list with eager load semantics.
Compatibility library for using the Microsoft Immutable Collections library in projects targeting .NET 3.5 and newer.
MongoDB-Serializer for System.Collections.Immutable
This library provides F# integration for the Imms immutable collections library.
A short and sweet REST client
A helpful library for including signals into your domain model.
T4Immutable is a T4 template for C# .NET apps that generates code for immutable classes.
Contains implementation of immutable arrays with special immutable implementation for array operations for saving memory.
Immutable persistent collections, algebraic sum-type aka descriminated union, Ref type and supportive extensions for performant functional programming in C#. Split from the DryIoc:
An opinionated adapter for MathNet.Spatial using UnitsNet.
T4 templates that transform simple mutable type definitions into fully functional immutable types with persistent characteristics.
The runtime components behind the parts generated by the ImmutableObjectGraph.T4 package.
Immutable n-ary relation data structure for .NET Standard 2.0