Top 20 NuGet immutable Packages

C# library to create new immutable object applying lambda expressions to the existing immutable object
Retargeted for .Net 4.0. Unofficial, unsupported build
This library imitates readonly local variables abusing some language features.
Extremely fast binary serializer with tons of features. Full reference persistence (including circular references), polymorphism, zero-allocations, can handle readonly fields, delegates, 'KnownTypes' list for whitelisting and optimization in network scenarios... checkout the github page for a ...
An easy to use .NET libary that provides matching of values and decision trees.
A way to make it easier to create and work with immutable classes in Bridge.NET
Reactive-Redux is a predictable state container for .NET apps. Modified from Guillaume Salles
An AutoFixture customization that allows AutoFixture to create specimens of the immutable collections found in the System.Collections.Immutable namespace.
Package Description
Lightweight and performant immutable linked list data structure for .NET
An implementation of IImmutableDictionary<TKey, TValue> that maintains O(1) value lookup, at the cost of mutation performance.
A source code only package which allows you to use .NET's new C# 9 Record feature in older target frameworks like .NET Standard 2.0, .NET Core App below 5 or the old .NET Framework. This package does not contain any compiled binaries, but instead adds the required classes as C# source code to your ...
Defines `[Record]` attribute and `Features` flags enum. See project site for more details.
Migrating from full framework to .netstandard
Attributes used by Apex.Analyzers.Immutable
ExtCore provides extensions to the F# core library (FSharp.Core) and aims to help you build industrial-strength F# applications. These extensions include additional functions for modules such as Array, List, Set, and Map; immutable IntSet, IntMap, LazyList, and Queue collections; a variety of comput...