Top 20 NuGet ilweaving Packages

Converts public fields to properties. This version differs from Fielder.Fody only that it ignores the casing on the fields to convert. Fielder.Fody only converts Fields with a first char of upper-case.
Add tail. optimization to recursive calls
A Fody add-in to make members protected.
A Fody add-in that implements the double check locking pattern automatically.
Use this addin to unseal sealed types. The most obvious usage of this is when working with F# records and an ORM like Entity Framework or NHibernate. Or if you want to create a dynamic proxy. All of the previously listed scenarios require you in some cases to have an object can be proxied, requ...
A Nuget Fody plugin for converting dictionary members into class level properties This is a fody add-in that helps transfering Dictionary<string,object> type of data structures into C# properties. The reason for this i to have a Dictionary a like repository with strongly typed content. ...
Versions your assemblies according to SemVer based on your SVN commit messages.
Versions your assemblies according to SemVer based on your Git commit messages.
Compiles regular expressions as part of the build process for improved performance and validation
Adds the ability to specify the assembly MVID (Module Version Id)
Package Description
Inject Static Id for Factory Pattern.
Un-swallows any exceptions that have been swallowed using IL weaving
Fody add-in for embedding references as resources.
Compile-time dependency injection Fody add-in.
A Fody library that makes private setters public.
Fody add-in for weaving NUnit Timeout tags on the TestFixture classes with a global maximum. Depending on your setting the slow unit tests are going to fail after the timeout period. The goal is to catch all incorrectly written NUnit tests and to force them to execute quickly. This will provi...
Fody add-in that allows EntityFramework complex properties to be saved in serialized form.
Fork of StampSvn.Fody. Stamps an assembly with svn information.
A Fody add-in for generating fast shallow clone methods