Top 20 NuGet ilweaving Packages

Fody add-in that helps with implementing IDisposable.
Custom interceptors for Cauldron.Interception.Fody that provides method, property, field and constructor interception.
Changes string comparisons to case insensitive.
Generate ToString method from public properties.
Automates the plumbing around System.Lazy.
Fody add-in for converting non-public members to public hidden members.
Fody add-in that helps with importing/exporting MEF interfaces.
Generate the Equals, GetHashCode and operators methods from properties or fields decorated with the [Equals] Attribute.
Package Description
Changes regular event handlers into weak event handlers by weaving a weak event adapter between source and subscriber.
Substitute types with other types to e.g. intercept generated code.
Merges the referenced types of local dependencies as private types into the target assembly, and removes the references to the local dependencies.
Controls whether the local variables in methods are zero-initialized.
Controls whether the local variables in methods are zero-initialized.
Injects an empty constructor into classes.
A VisualStudio tool to allow programmers to develop Transaction Aware classes for NHibernate. TransactionAware AOP is implemented at compile time with CompileTimeWeaver.Fody.
A Fody/Mono.Cecil wrapper that provides most basic IL code weaving helpers.
Auto DependencyProperty in WPF with Fody.
Simplify projects in Fody.
Auto DependencyProperty in UWP with Fody.