Top 20 NuGet http Packages

Utility stuff for HTTP.
Core Knight Blades for HTTP service/API clients, used when Coding with Honor!
Brandbank HttpClient
HttpClient Wrapper
Provides DocumentDB management (Fluent) capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
This library allows .NET developers to use the Windows HTTP server API to manage the Windows HTTP server API without using the "netsh" tool with the "http" option.
A Simplification of the HttpClient for the dotnet core framework, currently only supports sending synchronous requests
This is simple Mvvm implementation for Cross Platform Development with Rest Client in Xamarin Form.
Smooth Wit AI .NET Ninja
This class library is a extension of HttpClient which allows make patch request.
This library contains the Json formatter extensions for .NET Core HttpClient and HttpContent.
fork from RestSharp
Development Library
High performance web framework based on Ice Core
HttpFilteringEngine is a transparent filtering proxy engine.
A usefull tools to call api.
A usefull tools to call api.
💩 💩
Collection of low-level HTTP and FTP file transfer tools, this package for .Net 3.5 If you don't need to support .Net 3.5, use the normal Shift-It package
Download manager supporting segmented downloading with pause and resume. SegmentDownloader.Protocol package is required if you aren't implementing your own IProtocolProvider.