Top 20 NuGet http Packages

Allows programatic access to create SMT Gateways, Nodes, Sessions and remotely access PowerShell on a SMT Node.
RESTme (Restme) is a set of useful toolkits, including RESTful HTTP client, Azure Blob Storage Client, Redis Client as well as many Convertors & Extensions implemented in .NET Core
A library for recording and replaying HTTP interactions. Inspired by the VCR ruby gem.
.Net library for strongly typed access to REST Api's
A powerfull library for Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
HTTP API mocking library
Nock-CSharp is an HTTP mocking library that was inspired by node-nock. It is used to mimic the flow you normally expect using the standard HttpClient object available in .net, without having to stray away from the standard objects already built in.
AB Rest Client provides an easy way to create a strongly typed client for an HTTP web service. It uses standard .NET transparent proxy mechanism to convert regular .NET interface to callable object and maps it to HTTP web service.
NAME CHANGE. PLEASE RUN Install-Package RestClient.NET
Using RestKit is as simple as 'representation = Resource.Json().Get(uri)', then 'representation.GetContentAsJson()'. You can therefore handle unexpected content. Variations exist for Xml and Text. For advanced scenarios, you have full control of serialization, a callback pipeline, and full access to...
HttpLoadTesting http load generator framework
HTTP API library
Provides useful extension methods, alternate Task based API and activities.
Reverse proxy in C#
A library for downloading and uploading files to an Azure Storage Blob
A dotNet client library for Marketo REST API.
Http download and download queue management library
This is a library for providing streams for different transports.