Top 20 NuGet helpers Packages

Kode-Aid shared protocol buffers library.
Extensions for HttpClient, Tasks and objects. Helpers to manipulate images
Kode-Aid base64 URL-safe encoding library.
Kode-Aid base32 encoding library.
Kode-Aid shared HTTP library.
This package includes .NET Standard code only helpers such as: - IncrementalLoadingCollection: Simplifies the definition and usage of collections whose items can be loaded incrementally only when needed by the view. - String extensions and array extensions: These extensions make working ...
Extensions for standard .NET types like string, DateTime ... (RemoveDiacritics, SafeTrim, ...)
Cedita.One.Base represents base libraries that can be used to build generic applications and Cedita.One components using a common shared, extensible platform. These libraries are used by Cedita when creating new applications that are to follow certain standards of development and practices. Continu...
This provides helper classes for Scissorhands.NET application.
Helpers for .Net development of MVC Application (Translation, Script, cascading select, checkboxlist, iconified, multiselect (with jquery-ui))
This package includes Uwp converters, extension, helpers... It is part of the Yugen Toolkit.
Multiple extension methods to determine, manipulate and adjust enumerable data
Essence is used by Cedita when creating new applications that follow certain standards of development and practices. Continually updated with new features and bugfixes as necessary, commercially supported from Cedita.
DotNet Standard Helpers
A collection of helper methods and classes that I use everyday. I have packed them in a single library to avoid code duplication.
Contains useful classes for working with MVVM in Xamarin Forms.
Helper class library with methods and extensions that makes working with DateTime object easier and more efficient
This package provides an ASP.NET Core Tag Helper to help toggle the rendering of markup in a Razor View based on the Kentico Xperience Page Builder mode of the current request.
Lanymy.Common.ExtensionFunctions.All 通用辅助类库. 序列化 ; 压缩 ; 数据流加密 ; 文件操作 ; 枚举扩展 ; 沙盒操作 ; 进程 ; 二维码 ; 反射 ; 版本 ; 流水号 ; 验证码 ; CMD命令行操作器 ; ffmpeg辅助类 ; 加密/解密 ;