Top 20 NuGet helpers Packages

Helper library for common Json serialisation requirements.
RapidCore is a collection of dotnet libraries to help you accelerate backend and api development
Kode-Aid shared HTML utility library.
Generic helpers classes for WSCT
Kode-Aid shared Redis caching library.
C# utils libraries contain a collection of reusable models, helper methods and extensions. Specific to Application layer.
Squidex Text Helpers
West Wind Web MVC Utilities provides a number of small MVC helpers and utilities for dealing with controllers, viewmodels and error display and many utility functions.
Helper library for common threading requirements.
Helper library of commonly used extension methods.
Devshed MVC Library
Kode-Aid shared Entity Framework Core library.
Kode-Aid shared SQL cache library.
Kode-Aid shared MemoryCache library.
Kode-Aid shared Azure Cosmos document DB library.
Software development tools for ASP.NET Core projects
Kode-Aid shared Azure Cosmos library.
A set of C# extensions/helpers library
Squidex Hosting Helpers
RapidCore.Xunit is a collection of tools to speed up your xunit test coding process