Top 20 NuGet helpers Packages

Helpers e Extension Methods para o HtmlAgilityPack.
Material Design Lite Tag Helpers for ASP.NET Core.
.NET Extensions and helpers for Core and Common .NET types
Cedita.One.Base.Web.MagicEntityEditor provides automatic editing ability for database entities in ASP.NET MVC Projects with minimal configuration. Simply extend from EntityEditorController and configure the name/type of your entity to have automatic editing / creation / listing ability for your enti...
Libreria coi metodi di helpers standard per l'integrazione, tramite WebAPI, con il sistema documentale DocSuite
Helpers and Extensions for C# built on .Net Standart 2.0 (.Net Framework and .Net Core)
SSAK - Selenium Specflow Automation Kit Provides Code Wrappers To Ease The Automation QA Process. SSAK Aims To Bridge The Gap between Test Engineers And Code Experts With Underlying Implementation. Professor MMS Mission Is To "Provide A Pragmatic Effective Approach To Automation Development By Optim...
Gneral utils classes, mainly static
A collection of math functions able to speed up the coding of solutions to Project Euler problems. Written in C# on .NET Core. Visit the GitHub repository for additional informations.
A set of controllers to help simplify Process, WMI, Network, and Service calls.
easy use,easy stronger. easy extend. One step install and enjoy all. It just exntensions for developer instead of using static class or tools in so called 'Utility'. No other thirdparty dependencies or assemblies. 简单应用,易于扩展,一键安装,享受全部。用扩展的方式替代了曾经的静态方法或工具类,无任何第三方的额外依赖程序集。
A free Tag Helper Library for Bootstrap (Version 4.x) - the world's most popular mobile-first and responsive front-end framework.
.NET Extensions and helpers for Log4Net
.NET Extensions and helpers for Console Applications
.Net library to simplify access WCF Services.
Dapper-based fluent library to simplify SQL Server data access.
Dapper-based fluent library to simplify Sharepoint Client Object Model data access.
Fluent library to simplify Active Directory data access.
Dapper-based wrapper to simplify data access.
Conjunto de classes e metodos para facilitar a vida dos desenvolvedores.