Top 20 NuGet http Packages

Http client library
Simple functionality for Dapplo.HttpExtensions
An OAuth extension for Dapplo.HttpExtensions
This is a class that implements the IWebProxy interface to act as an HTTP(S) proxy while connecting to a SOCKS5 server behind the scenes.
Json.NET functionality for Dapplo.HttpExtensions
utility functions for web applications
Reddit.NET is a .NET Standard library that provides easy access to the Reddit API with virtually no boilerplate code required.
An addition for the FsHttp library, providing convenience for testing.
This client library provides access to the Microsoft Cognitive Services Face APIs.
Chromely CefGlue Gtk implementation library - this is in .NET Standard 2.0 as it can be used in both .NET (Windows) and .NET Core (Windows, Linux). Chromely.CefGlue.Gtk version naming is based on CefGlue Cef version implemented.
.Net Core Client Extensions for HTTP
A .NET library for intercepting server-side HTTP dependencies.
A tiny .NET library to do inter-process communication (IPC) between different processes on the same machine.
Extensions and helper methods that make working with HttpClient easier as an API.
This is a .NET Standard library. It is the base/core library required to build either Chromely CefSharp or Chromely CefGlue apps. It has all the common features and functionalities for both types of apps on either Windows or Linux.
.Net Core Client Extensions for HTTP
Provides HTTP reporting capability to App Metrics
URI Template resolution library - Implementation of RFC 6570
This is the Flurl.Http package, repackaged with strongly named assemblies. See for the official project.
A Freya Router based on URI Templates for route matching