Top 20 NuGet http Packages

JsonHCS.Net.Proxies for .Net is a JsonHCS.Net based proxy generator for easy api definitions
Chromely CefGlue Gtk implementation library - this is in .NET Standard 2.0 as it can be used in both .NET (Windows) and .NET Core (Windows, Linux). Chromely.CefGlue.Gtk version naming is based on CefGlue Cef version implemented.
A .NET library for intercepting server-side HTTP dependencies.
Extensions and helper methods that make working with HttpClient easier as an API.
Simple Http Listener This is the legacy version of Simple HTTP Listener. Please see project web site for a new version.
Easily create fake HTTP endpoints for integration testing
URI Template resolution library - Implementation of RFC 6570
Red is a http and websocket server framework built on core and kestrel. The API provided is inspired by express.js and designed to be simple and easy to use
Restify is a powerful REST client that makes JSON REST APIs easy.
A Freya Router based on URI Templates for route matching
An extension to the Freya HTTP Machine adding Patch support
An extension to the Freya HTTP Machine adding CORS support
Framework to help testing Restful APIs in a fluent style that are easy to write and understand. Compatible with NUnit, MSTest, XUnit and any test runner.
Extension to RestFluencing to validate API models using JsonSchema. Allows you to write tests for Restful APIs and validating the returning model.
A simple http tracing library to write request and response information to your output window. Making your life easier when debugging http calls!
Multiple ASP.NET Core utilities, including email, configuration, access to HTTP headers, etc.
A very simple & light http library. Warning: This is pre-release version for personal use, which contains many bugs without unit test.
Add data attributes to setting class methods to validate input, set default values etc
A package containing several web related utilities.
RestCall is to integrate with api calls easily