Top 20 NuGet guid Packages

Fast .NET Standard(C#) Implementation of ULID.
Library to create and use COMB (timestamped sequential) GUID variants for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. See the GitHub site for more details.
Ulid System.Text.Json Converter.
Glader.Essentials provide basic essential .NET/C# development libraries for day-to-day development needs. The GUID library contains a WoW-like encoded GUID API and Type.
A C# library with useful features for .NET Desktop Applications.
A C# library with useful features for .NET Applications.
Ulid MessagePack Formatter.
Sequential Guid (COMB).
A .Net ULID implementation
Editors contains part-based and masked editors for everything from date/time to currency entry, with unique designs that are specifically crafted to support input by keyboard, mouse, touch, and pen. Edit box controls support .NET data types input such as dates, times, numbers, brushes, colors, enum...
A project to abstract entity ID's so that their underlying type (e.g., string, int, GUID) can be changed at any time with minimal code changes.
Guid helper slots for Magic allowing you to generate a new Guid using Hyperlambda. To use package go to
ULID commandline utility
A convenience wrapper struct for dealing with URL-safe Base64 encoded globally unique identifiers (GUID), making a shorter string value (22 vs 36 characters long).
A class for representing a unit of time in the form of a number and a suffix indicating the time period. For Example 6s.
ShortGuid Class Library
.NET Core DependencyInjection Integration for Identifiers with EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer
Reliable unique ID generation for distributed applications. This package provides highly tuned tools for ID generation and management. Auto-increment IDs reveal sensitive information. UUIDs (also known as GUIDs) are inefficient as primary keys in a database. Having two different IDs is cumbersome ...
EntityFramework extensions for the Architect.Identities package. Use DbContext-based connections for the Fluid ID generator: public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddPooledDbContextFactory<ExampleDbContext>(context => context.UseSqlServer("ConnectionString")); ...
Azure-based implementations for the Architect.Identities package. This package allows Azure blob storage to be used as the synchronization mechanism for assigning unique IDs to each application instance. services.AddIdGenerator(generator => generator.UseAzureBlobStorageContainer(new BlobContainerC...