Top 20 NuGet guid Packages

Provides a base class that can handle UUIDs as an object and generators/factory to generate version 3, 4 and 5. Compliant with rfc4122.
Useful extensions to C# objects and classes in WPF.
Simple SequentiaGuid generator
A plugin to open your records in your browser. Choose the record type, enter a Guid and optionally select a form. The plugin will check if the record exists, and opens your record in your browser.
A class mainly used to assist with creating short unique Text strings for unit tests where a GUID is too complex.
Provides a utility class for generating sequential globally unique identifiers (GUID) by using DateTime offset to use in both .NET Framework and .NET Core.
Dev Connection's Helper Library
Simple, fast generation of RFC4122 UUIDS. Features: - Generate RFC4122 version 1 or version 4 UUIDs - Runs in node.js and all browsers. - Cryptographically strong random # generation on supporting platforms - 1.1K minified and gzip'ed - Annotated source code
A class for converting a time into an easily readable compressed 3 character format.
Implements UUID versions 1, 3, 4 & 5 and improves interoperability with other platforms while remaining binary compatible with System.Guid.
Linq to Xml Extensions for Guids
XUnit tests for adjunct-System.Xml.Linq.ExtensionsForGuids
GUID değer üreten helper class içeren dynamic link library sunar.
Guid binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
SequentialGuid library allows creation of alphanumerically sortable GUIDs prior to storing data in the database on any compatible platform. In addition, there are useful helper functions to convert to/from GUID or get specific character/byte. SequentialGuid is aimed for high-performance applicati...
A library containing methods to decode GUIDs.
This is an extended Guid layer that can create version 5 Guid's. If you ever find the need for a Guid based on an arbitrary string given a work field (i.e. name space) this is the Guid creator for you. If you ever need to know what version a particular Guid has, this stucture can help you wit...
Library to generate Mock (Dummy) Data. - Country Specific Values: USA, Netherlands, Belgium. - New functionality: SimpleGenerator (Static methods for single fields)
An id convention which sets generated by assigned if the property type is Guid
Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier