Top 20 NuGet facebook Packages

A port of Nifty from facebook, nifty is an implementation of Thrift clients and servers on Netty.
Facebook SDK for Xamarin.Forms. Supports Android and iOS.
Xamarin.Android library to show reacting badges like Facebook.
ASP.NET Core extensions for Facebook MessengerThreadSettings Platform .NET client. GitHub Repository:
Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis API - allows to perform following: Sentiment analysis, Document classification, Entity extraction, Themes discovery, Keyword analysis, Citation detection, Slang detection..
Rebound is a simple spring dynamics animation library for Java and Android applications.
Binding library of Facebook.Shimmer library for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS
.NET Client for Facebook Messenger Platform. GitHub Repository:
Facebook Create - Ebubekir Bastama
Freestar Ads Mediation SDK - Facebook Adapter
.NET Standard 2.0 Client for Facebook Graph API
Moq helpers for Facebook C# SDK.
A easy to use, high performance and robust library for implementing Facebook's API in any .NET environment.
Channel file for Facebook to address issues with cross domain communication in certain browsers.
Facebook Realtime Subscription API helper for Nancy
Crawler for main social networks
This OAuth 2 is a simple login frame with integration of Facebook, Google, Windows Live login function. Just get the user information, the user log in is integrated into application. Support setting server agent.
Lightweight clients for posting messages to the news feed in Facebook, Twitter (under construction) & VK
Catharsis.NET.Web.Widgets is ASP.NET MVC tag library, which provides useful social media widgets to include on web pages of your site
Supported Services DigitalOcean,Facebook,Foursquare,GitHub,Google,Instagram,LinkedIn,MailRu,Odnoklassniki,Salesforce,Twitter,VK (Vkontakte),Windows Live,Yandex,QQ