Top 20 NuGet facebook Packages

React Facebook Login (react-facebook-login) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Implementation of the data sources provided by Windows AppStudio. This library enable access to different data source like RSS, Bing, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
A port of Swift from facebook, an attribute-based library for creating Thrift serializable types and services.
Thrift integrated Eureka realizes service discovery and service registration.
RPC library are 100% compatible with apache thrift services and export thrift 0.93 for .net core.
Renderer para login com facebook, utilizando xamarin auth
Facebook Instant Games (facebook-instant-games) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Obtém informações do Instagram sem utilizar sua api oficial.
Package makes integrating JWT Bearer Token Security to your ASP .NET Core 2.0+ app a breeze!! Azure Active Directory, Google, Facebook, Twitter auth integration. Also, Swagger UI integration!
Firebase authentication library. It can generate Firebase auth token based on given OAuth token (issued by Google, Facebook...). This Firebase token can then be used with REST queries against Firebase endpoints.
This library enables access to Facebook. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.
This package contains the channel file for Facebook which addresses some issues with cross domain communication in certain browsers.
Facebook login button control for WP7 that pops up a page to prompt the user to login to Facebook, approve your app, and return an access token.
SocialAuth4Net is OAuth wrapper for popular social platforms that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and soon Google+, others
Library for Authenticating with Facebook OAuth and populating the Profile object with information from the user's open graph. It is designed to work with FormsAuthentication, it will create users and populate their profile when they log in & authorise your application.
Sometimes using DotNetOpenAuth, Service Stack and/or MS Web WebPages can just get a bit frustrating because they have to handle so many different scenario's - making it complex. This library tries to simplify that complexity down to two basic steps 1. Redirect to the 3rd party website to log in. 2... is a social app discovery platform. appSmarts offers app customers the ability to recommend your Windows app and earn rewards for successful recommendations. You can register your app at
This library contains many controls inspired by the official Facebook app on Windows Phone. You will find several controls : - The SlideView, a control allowing to slide between panels (2 or many more) - The SlideApplicationFrame, a control to use at top app level and packaged to d...
Test service and page objects for creating Facebook users and authenticating when using Selenium Webdriver
Windows 8.1 Client Libray for The Identity Hub. The Identity Hub makes it easy to connect your app to all major identity providers like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked In and more. For more information see