Top 20 NuGet eventbus Packages

Simple Message bus for .Net Supported platforms: - .NET Framework 4.5+ - .NET Standard 2.0+
Event bus for .Net Core
Micro services Infrastructure layer common functionalities related EventBus
Micro services Infrastructure layer related Azure ServiceBus as EventBus.
Micro services Infrastructure layer related RabbitMQ EventBus
Publisher-subscriber (pub/sub) pattern implementation
Package Description
A nuget package to help services/APIs have a uncoupled communication
A simple in memory EventBus / MessageBus library in C#
Package Description
Minor patch would check whether RabbitMQ has connected to the server, If not it would try to connect by creating a channel and then proceeds further.
Package Description
EventBus Library
Types for implementing an eventing system/event-bus
Android for Xamarin.Android
Event bus abstractions for a leightweihgt event bus system.
Native EventBus