Top 20 NuGet eventbus Packages

MessagerBus, implementação de EventBus simples.
.NET Core ultra lightweight event bus implementation
.NET Core ultra lightweight event bus implementation
Simple Event Bus Library for NetStandard. Based on @songdongsheng EventBus
A base library for EventBus.RabbitMQ.Standard and EventBus.AzureServiceBus.Standard
An EventBus base on RabbitMq
EventBus transport for Amazon SQS. Event-Based framework for distributed applications.
An EventBus base on netstandard2 and Mqtt.
Stand-alone version of the Orchard Eventbus.
Simple event bus with dynamic interceptor.
Simple service bus built on top of Amazon Web Services
A lightweight event distribution and consumption for .net applications.
A simple Messaging framework for single threaded applications.
Test helpers for JungleBus
A implementation of the publish-subscribe pattern. Includes support for messages being passed to UI thread.
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Package Description