Top 20 NuGet entityframework Packages

Creates a SQLite Database from Code, using Entity Framework CodeFirst. This Project ships several IDbInitializer which creates a new SQLite Database, based on your model/code.
Table metadata provider for your Entity Framework entities.
SQL Server DATEDIFF function support for Entity Framework Core
The Hood CMS is a full content management system providing a solid backbone to any website. Created by George Whysall.
Entity Framework 6.0 supported
This NuGet package is for ODP.NET, Managed Driver applications that use Code First and/or Entity Framework 6 applications. It will add the Oracle Entity Framework assembly and auto-configure for its use. Note that this package does not include ODP.NET, Managed Driver which is available as a separate...
Infrastructure project setup for building modern enterprise applications using EntityFramework or Azure Table Storage.
Library that provides methods that will help you with mocking Entity Framework Core.
Entity Framework Core Tools for the .NET Command-Line Interface. Enables these commonly used dotnet-ef commands: dotnet ef migrations add dotnet ef migrations list dotnet ef migrations script dotnet ef dbcontext info dotnet ef dbcontext scaffold dotnet ef database drop dotnet ef database update
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Allows SQL Server Compact 4.0 to be used with Entity Framework Core
Automatic REST api library for EF entities in .Net Core This library automatically generates RESTful API for DbSets in DbContext. This is very much a work in progress right now so feel free to create issues on GitHub. Version 2 breaks compatilbity as it uses a middleware instead of controller to h...
Entity Framework unit of work integration for SFA.DAS.UnitOfWork
Easy Mock wrapper for mocking EntityFrameworkCore (EFCore) DbContext and DbSet using Moq
Asp.Net Core ActionFilter for sorting and pagination with support for EntityFrameworks async materialization
Ventura SQL is an integrated solution for retrieving and updating ADO.NET (including SQL Server) data in a genuine 3-tier architecture at record performance. Ventura SQL is the hyper productive alternative for the Entity Framework/Web service combination. The client runtime for .Net Standard works w...
NewenNetworks Standard SDK
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