Top 20 NuGet entityframework Packages

Extension library for Entity Framework Core which allows developers who use SQL Server to easily use temporal tables.
Easily mock Entity Framework with MOQ using either JSON or an ENumerable items.
Ocelot Security Authorization Token Blacklist EntityFramework Storage
Entity Framework 6 repository classes.
EF+ Full Version | C# Entity Framework Utilities (Bulk Operations | Batch Delete | Batch Update | Query Cache | Query Filter | Query Future | Query Include | Audit)
Helper class for running EF Core migrations in a Console app.
Entity Framework Core repository framework for Bix
CloudFoundry Connector Extensions for Entity Framework
Entity Framework Core support for Finbuckle.MultiTenant.
Extension LazyLoad for EntityFrameworkCore
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite notifies of EF requests.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.EntityFrameworkCore.Npgsql notifies of EF requests.
Easy Mock wrapper for mocking EF6 DbContext and DbSet using Moq
Adds basic support for "Upsert" operations to EF Core. Uses `INSERT … ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE` in PostgreSQL/Sqlite, `MERGE` in SqlServer and `INSERT INTO … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE` in MySQL. Also supports injecting sql command generators to add support for other providers
The CData Google Analytics Data Provider allows you to connect to Google Analytics data.
The CData Intacct Data Provider allows you to connect to Intacct objects.
The CData JSON Data Provider allows you to display JSON files in a table format. Just specify your credentials to retrieve JSON data and display it in a table.
The CData Marketo Data Provider allows you to connect to Marketo to access marketing data, including Leads, Activities, Opportunities, Programs and more.
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to NetSuite objects. Just specify your credentials and access tables like NetSuite Customers, Accounts, etc.
Enables you to use standard drivers to connect to a variety of QuickBooks Online data sources like QuickBooks Online customers, vendors, etc.