Top 20 NuGet editor Packages

An umbraco property editor for Font Awsome Icons which is User Upgradable to keep up todate with the latest Font Awesome Icons.
Umbraco CMS Datatype - YouTube Picker
Umbraco property editor that allows users to pick a color from an image.
Custom editor that draws any lists/arrays in Unity Inspector as re-orderable by default.
Sample code for AvalonEdit the WPF-based text editor used in SharpDevelop. Modify your App.xaml file so the StartupUri points to the AvalonEdit Sample window: StartupUri="/Samples/AvalonEdit/Window1.xaml"
Redactor is the most fantastic yet beautiful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor on jQuery. It is lightning fast, small, scalable, and powerful.
Themes for CodeMirror
Add-ons package for CodeMirror.
Form builder editor for Umbraco 7
Form builder editor for Umbraco 7
Ease server integration of the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
Umbraco data type prevalue editor
Umbraco text count data type wrapper for text editors
CodeMirror is a JavaScript component that provides a code editor in the browser. When a mode is available for the language you are coding in, it will color your code, and optionally help with indentation. A rich programming API and a CSS theming system are available for customizing CodeMirror to fi...
A KnockoutJS custom binding that applies a TinyMCE Editor to the bound HTML element
Photo Editor with copping, rotate, zoom and more for Xamarin.iOS
XrmToolbox plugin to create, modify and delete entity attribute metadata via an Excel template.
Here you can edit the chart, and customize all its attributes.
It’s 100% managed code PDF standard versions supported are: ALL versions. Files can be normal, linearized, password-protected, signed, incrementally updated. - We support many possible PDF content manipulations scenarios, below are a few things that worth mentioning: - Extract, modify and add graph...
Edit Entity Meta Data Properties In one Form