Top 20 NuGet dns Packages

DNS module for Noobot framework
Library for parsing and serializing DNS messages. Includes a basic DNS client and server.
DoHoN (stylised ドホン) is a DNS over HTTPS client for .NET. It's simple, clean, fast, and supports both synchronous and asynchronous usage with caching (and respects TTLs!). It uses .NET Core 2.0 to provide cross-compatibility across multiple OSes. It uses the application/dns-json format.
Managed proxy for HTTP APIs exposed by Arvan Cloud
NetPointDNS is a library for interacting with the PointDNS API.
Library for parsing and serializing DNS messages. Includes a basic DNS client and server. Customized by Eric Candell to allow for use in ACME application.
Texnomic ENS PublicResolver Library.
This client library is just a collection of potentially useful things relating to DNS
Contains a collection of tools to overcome certain limitations of networking on the Windows Phone platform, like a DNS and (S)NTP implementation.
MailSystem is a suite of .NET components that provide users with an extensive set of email tools. MailSystem provides full support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, NNTP, MIME, S/MIME, OpenPGP, DNS, vCard, vCalendar, Anti-Spam (Bayesian , RBL, DomainKeys), Queueing, Mail Merge and WhoIs
A library for locating, acquiring and loading .NET assemblies.
A dns client for .NET.
An asynchronous DNS resolver component
DnsZone is a tool for parsing and formating dnz zone files according to RFC1035 and RFC1034.
Embeddable DNS server and client, supporting more than 40 different record types and recursive research to other servers
Simple wrapper providing mDNS network device discovery for a Windows 10 Universal Application. Manages the search for devices and delivers hostname, ip addresses, port and service name of those found.
Make DNS and WHOIS Querires
DNS library
DNS library for .NET Standard 2.0
Classes and Enums used by the Domains Manager API