Top 20 NuGet dns Packages

This is a logger for .NET Core.
A simple ping like tool to check the network connectivity.
aliyun dynamic dns module. # aliyun dynamic dns config file * ~/aliyun.ddns.config.json * docker: ~/ -> /app/ ``` { "interval": 10, //seconds "showIPUrl": "", //out my ip address text "accessKeys": { //accessKey map "default": { "accessKeyId...
A reusable DNS resolver for .NET. You can reference this project in your libraries, but make sure it is also referenced in the startup project too, if this startup project is not project.json based (ie: has a packages.config file).
Change your window's hosts file from C# or Powershell.
DiscUtils NET
Hetzner DNS API, Get Zones, Get Records, Create Record, Update Record, Delete Record
This library provide you to easily access way to API of "Dozens" DNS service (ex.Create/Get/Udate/Edit DNS zones or records). クラウド時代に対応したDNSサービス "Dozens"( の REST API にアクセスして、ゾーン又はレコードの追加/取得/変更/削除を行うことのできる、.NET 言語用のクラスライブラリです。
StatDNS allows you to perform DNS queries over HTTP, and to get reverse PTR records for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
Lookup for Resource Records - Host name to A Record (IP address), MX Record, etc.
Active network based entropy sources for Terninger including ping, external http sites and other random sources (via http). See for PGP & Keybase signatures of nuget packages.
Class library for resolving Sender Policy Framework (SPF) strings as defined in RFC 7208.
A simple Multicast Domain Name Service based on RFC 6762. Can be used as both a client (sending queries) or a server (responding to queries). Modified version of Makaretu.Dns.Multicast - removes usage of NetworkInterface class to support UWP pre Fall Creators Update.
A .NET library to access OpenProvider API's. Generated from Swagger document at
.net core library for communicating with Cloudflare API v4.
Texnomic SecureDNS Protocols Library.
Texnomic SecureDNS Core Library.
Texnomic SecureDNS Middlewares Library.
.NET DNS query library