Top 20 NuGet db Packages

The MySql adapter of the Quermine library.
The Sqlite adapter of the Quermine library.
The SQL Server adapter of the Quermine library.
Mongo DB repository, managers, base models and interfaces for any Mongo data projects
Package Description
Package Description
unQuery is a minimal data access library that makes it as simple as possible to consume and interact with data in SQL Server.
IBM Data Server provider for Entity Framework Core.
This client library enables working with the premium offering of Azure Table storage, as part of the Azure Cosmos DB service, with support for global distribution, automatic secondary indexes, dedicated throughput, and single-digit millisecond latency. See "Getting started with the Azure Cosmos DB: ...
.NET Persistence API (also called NPersistence or NPA) is a ORM framework which also enables entity mapping useing annotations!! The project is based on JAVA's JPA and offers applications to use a standard API for their ORM operations. In this package, NPA is implemented by NHibernate. This package ...
RoundhousE is a Professional Database Change and Versioning Management tool. This brings integration with Entity Framework Migrations. This allows you to generate SQL files for use with RoundhousE or just to give to your DBAs in cases where RH is not able to be run across all environments. NOT...
Provides NodaTime support for the RavenDB Server.
Lightweight multi-platform ORM for mobile, desktop and servers. A data provider is required to use this library. Providers for Sqlite, SQL Server and MySql are available on Nuget.
A Laravel (Eloquent) inspired ORM for .NET
This NuGet package is for Oracle Providers for ASP.NET that use Oracle Data Provider for .NET, Managed Driver. It will add the Oracle ASP.NET providers assembly and auto-configure for its use so that ASP.NET application state can be stored within an Oracle Database. Note that this package does not i...
Json Serializer for EasyDocDb - stores documents as JSON files.
Xml Serializer for EasyDocDb - stores documents as XML files.
Yaml Serializer for EasyDocDb - stores documents as Yaml files.
EasyDocumentStorage PCL provides a basic and easy to use cross platform document storage.
Embedded storage for EasyDocDb - stores documents as files on a local drive.