Top 20 NuGet db Packages

MonetDb .NET mapi provider
the abstraction implementation for EF Core.
This package contains binding extensions for Cosmonaut's CosmosStore for Azure Cosmos DB.
F# Event Store for Azure Cosmos DB
A simpler way to use LiteDB.
A Cosmos DB / DocumentDB Storage Provider for ASP.NET Core Identity
Simple generic SOLID .NET Core 2.x architectural framework that will be CRUD and map for you.
Injects values into config files directly or via environment variables. Can inject app settings, connection strings, or WCF client endpoints.
A MongoDb repository pattern implementation.
A number of simple methods to test database objects and execute sql. Currently supports Microsoft SQL Server databases.
The SQLiteDB_dotNET Class Library is a high level wrapper around the SQLite. The library is currently compiled at .Net 4.0 so it should work with any application running .Net 4.0 and above.
Microsoft Azure DocumentDb repository classes.
A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable C# client library for YugaByte DB
sql database data extensions
Data access libray
Data access libray
Data access libray
Microsoft Dependency Injection extension methods
ApplicationInsights support for Cosmonaut
SQLite-net is an open source and light weight library providing easy SQLite database storage for .NET, Mono, and Xamarin applications. This version uses SQLitePCLRaw to provide platform independent versions of SQLite.