Top 20 NuGet controls Packages

Controls library.
UI for Universal Windows Platform is a toolset for building Universal Windows Platform apps for the Windows Store and the enterprise. The library is designed to offer the same user experience, functionality and behavior on Windows devices of all form factors.
ControlzEx is a library with some shared Controls for WPF.
As a standalone PDF component, Free Spire.PDF for .NET enables developers to create, write, edit, convert, print, handle and read PDF files on any .NET applications. You can implement rich capabilities to create PDF files from scratch or process existing PDF documents. Many rich features can be supp...
Free Spire.XLS for .NET is a standalone Excel .NET library and does not depend on Microsoft Office Excel. It supports both for the old Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) and for the new Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 (.xlsx, .xlsm). Powerful & High Quality Excel File Conversion Free Spire.XLS for .NET has powe...
LLBLGen Pro is a leading ORM framework and entity modelling solution for .NET. This package contains the WebForms datasource controls for the LLBLGen Pro runtime framework.
Command, Dependency Property and Attached Property patterns. Also contains WPF controls for PostSharp.Patterns.Model. An official PostSharp pattern library.
Redistributable components for package 'PostSharp.Patterns.Xaml'. This package should only be installed as a dependency. (This is not the package you are looking for).
Toolkit for Xamarin.Forms (Controls, Behaviors, and Converters)!
EO.Wpf for .NET is a set of WPF controls. It includes a large set of commonly used controls (such as Buttons, ProgressBar, TreeView, Menu, Calendar, etc), an intuitive docking view solution and a powerful gauge framework.
We support rendering of the PDF content in our PDF viewer control including: - everything that can be rendered using Apitron Rasterizer can be viewed - various viewing modes, e.g. continuous, fit to width, fit to page - zooming, scrolling, navigation through PDF content - integration with rasterizer...
PDFControls.NET for WPF is a 100% managed .NET component that enables you to add PDF reader/editor functionality to your .NET WPF applications. The component is a .NET class library consisting of user interface controls and UI-less classes to access and modify the PDF document.
Cross-platform controls for Xamarin.Forms
Responsive Web Design on Any Browser, Any Platform, and Any Device
Styles implementing AdonisUI's theme definitions to provide classic look and feel.
Controls and commands for the PostSharp Model Pattern Library.
Responsive Web Design on Any Browser, Any Platform, and Any Device
Essential JS 2 for ASP.NET Core is a modern UI toolkit built from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular, and touch-friendly. It includes over 50 components, including grid, chart, scheduler, and much more. Key features: • Lightweight • Built for performance. • Supports TagHelper and ...
Multi-select ListView Control to Xamarin.Forms
This library provides XAML templated controls. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit.