Top 20 NuGet check Packages

A class invariants helper library
Managed wrapper for the Microsoft Spell Checking API
Null aware ToString magically calls ToString method on any object without throwing NullReferenceException.
POCO Models for Bank of America Cash Letter Lockbox acknowledgements
Make object of Connector of Dll. StartInternetCheck() is exposed method to check internet connection every second and log it if disconnected. CheckIfInternetConnected() is another method to check if internet is connected only once. Returns flag. 1. It verifies whether internet is connected every...
A checkbox for Xamarin.Forms
Provides ready to use code to perform common health checks.
Provides ready to use code to perform connection and permission checks on SQL Server database.
Provides ready to use code to perform connection check using sockets.
Provides ready to use code to perform Windows directory permission checks.
An API to check if a number is prime using fermat's little theorem
Simple byte reader that provides functions to extract a byte array from a file or a string (e.g. "F1 00 2C FF" to { 0xF1, 0x00, 0x2C, 0xFF }). It can also convert a byte array to a string or write it to a file.
A pure-javascript drop-down checkbox list control for web development. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at: ...
This project is inspired by Ensure.That developed by Daniel Wertheim. The purpose of this library is to allow common validation checks to be easily made.
The ConcurrencyChecker is an easy to use library that is used to find possible concurrency issues and async deadlocks in your code. Add this library to your unit and/or integration testing arsenal.
Just a simple package to check for strikes, remainders and calculate them
Simple chequeo de actualizaciones de aplicaciones
Determines file format type from header
DataSoap provides data cleansing and data validation services: Allowing customers to validate UK and international mobile numbers, UK landline numbers and email addresses in real-time using our data cleansing API. As well clean data with TPS & CTPS checking. This software package provides an easy...
Fluent utility helper for argument validation. Follow the WIKI at: