Top 20 NuGet crud Packages

Simple CRUD operations for Dapper.
CRUD for Dapper
Simple Get, GetList, GetListPaged, Insert, Update, Delete, DeleteList, and RecordCount extensions for Dapper. Uses smart defaults for attribute free classes but can be overridden as needed. By default uses Id column as the primary key but this can be overridden with an attribute By default qu...
Abstraction library for WindnTrees application project.
Simple generic SOLID .NET Core 2.x architectural framework that will be CRUD and map for you.
MongoCRUD is a high level library to make easy basic operations like create, update, update partial by query, upsert, delete, delete by query, get, search with paging and sorting, and filter buiders.
Dapper.FastCrud is built around essential features of the C# 6 / VB that have finally raised the simplicity of raw SQL constructs to acceptable maintenance levels. These features leave no chance to mistypings or problems arising from db entity refactorings. Visual Studio 2015 or later is recommend...
Provides possibility to create sql query based on entity type and build query using OOP style. It uses a member lambda expression to get column name and has corresponding methods for each sql clause.
WindnTrees.Core abstraction library for WindnTrees application projects.
A Lightweight .NET Package for CRUD(Create,Read,Update,Delete) methods against a DbContext Database.
Unofficial, Open-Source MongoDB Driver helper.
Given an EF Core DBContext, LogicBuilder.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer uses AutoMapper configurations to support CRUD operations using the DTO objects.
Default implementation for Services
(Forked from olegil/SqlBulkTools) High-performance C# Bulk operations for SQL Server (starting from 2008) and Azure SQL Database. Supports Bulk Insert, Update, Delete & Merge. Uses SQLBulkCopy under the hood. Please leave a Github star if you find this project useful.
.NET Data grid for fast editing. Add the grid, give it a table name and it will add/update/delete. Includes searching and paging. Uses free-jqgrid.
A high performance Micro-ORM library supporting SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
Simple CRUD operations for Dapper. Fork including pagination and support for NO SYNC
LogicBuilder.Data includes the base class for all data objects in the applications data stack.
Dapper extension with simple crud methods.
.NET Reporting