Top 20 NuGet cli Packages

Safe your Application with our lib, we provide strong and secure functions to fetch the HardwareID from the user of your Application.
Command line interface menu engine for .net core.
TypeGen .NET Core CLI tool (TypeGen is a single-class-per-file C# to TypeScript generator)
Isop is a library to help simplify and structure command line apps.
An FNA library that emulates old-school console and command prompt style graphics. Use the SadConsole.Starter package for new projects.
Toolset to make running the CLI as a reverse proxy, tooling support
Simple attribute based command line parser.
This package is outdated. Please use the dotnet-typegen package instead.
A set of tools and "controls" for the .net Console. It contains: List Input/Output Controls, Text Input/Output Controls, Progress Bar, Spinner, Data Table, Prompter, Menus, etc.
A convention based command line automatic parser.
Provides Swagger-based web front-end gateway for ConsoleAppFramework.
Micro-framework for .NET Core console application. Cocona makes it easy and fast to build console applications on .NET Core.
CLI library for MQ/EasyNetQ support.
Tool for reading arguments (bool, integer, double, string) from the command line within a given schema. The tool also can easily be extended, without recompiling the whole library.
CLI tool for sending e-mails
Kubernetes scaling provider of DFrame.
Tool for reading string arguments from the command line.
Tool for reading integer arguments from the command line.
Tool for reading double arguments from the command line.
Tool for reading boolean arguments from the command line.