Top 20 NuGet cli Packages

Command-line tools for DotVVM.
Convention-based CLI application builder with built-in dependency injection and configuration extensions.
Kubernetes based Micro Distributed Batch Framework and Load Testing Library for C#.
NLedger, a .Net port of Ledger accounting system (
A proxy generator for SmolFennec.SpeCLI
FluentValidations extension for CommandLineParser.Core
AppyWay Configuration Providers for NETCore
Dotnet CLI tool allowing you to run C# (CSX) scripts.
TeGun (NuGet reversed) is a simple, yet handy cross-platform(.netcore) commandline-utility for creating nuget packages (nupkg) from a bunch of ordinary, unpackaged assemblies.
Unofficial Giphy CLI as global dotnet tool (.NET 5) - get that url or markdown fast. > `giphy lolcats`
A command-based programming model and utilities to facilitate developing testable command-line interfaces and console applications.
LoadTesting provider of DFrame.
AppyWay Configuration Providers for NETCore
NClap is a .NET library for parsing command-line arguments and building interactive command shells. It's driven by a declarative attribute syntax, and easy to extend.
CLI for DynamicsCrm.DevKit tool
A collection of Dynamics 365 Roslyn Analyzers
Lightweight version of Cocona. Micro-framework for .NET Core console application. Cocona makes it easy and fast to build console applications on .NET Core.
PromptCLI is inspired from inquirer.js and enquirer.js. It is a interactive command line interface library.
.NET Core Global Tool for Roslynator
Tool for reading arguments (bool, integer, double, string) from the command line within a given schema. The tool also can easily be extended, without recompiling the whole library.