Top 20 NuGet cil Packages

SDL Tridion Sites Content Interaction Library. Client API for the Content Interaction Services.
SDL Tridion Content Interaction Library. Client API for the Content Interaction Services.
A Fody/Mono.Cecil wrapper that provides most basic IL code weaving helpers.
A "Swiss Army Knife" of sorts for IL-generated methods that are faster then their Expression & Reflection counterparts.
Provides an overridable ILGenerator via AbstractILGenerator.AbstractILGenerator
Better, stricter ILGenerator.Emit
PE reader and editor. Native headers and resources, .NET metadata and disassemblers (x86 and CIL).
A fail-fast validation helper for .NET CIL generation.
Light-weight cross platform IL disassembler tool built in C#.
This is the patching engine of the Patchwork framework. Its method of distribution is currently being rethought while a new version is tested.
This library contains the patching attributes for the Patchwork assembly modification framework. You must reference this library from your patch assembly.
(JetBrains repack to get single dll) Cecil is a library written by Jb Evain to generate and inspect programs and libraries in the ECMA CIL format. It has full support for generics, and support some debugging symbol format. In simple English, with Cecil, you can load existing managed assemblies, brow...
Ratchet MSIL is part of the Ratchet project and provide tools to manipulate MSIL/CIL within the application (disassembly, inspection, ...)
A MSBuild task that scans assemblies for locations to patch in IL code that normally cannot be generated from C# (e.g. cpblk/memcpy). The majority of the stub methods available are generic, which allows for low overhead (e.g. no boxing) when working with struct types and interoping with (unmanaged) ...
CIL Assembly Manipulator (CAM) .NET addition provides a working CILReflectionContext factory. This library will fill the gaps left by CAM Portable version.
CIL Assembly Manipulator (CAM) provides high-level API to read and emit CLR assemblies and modules. CAM is currently available for .NET 4 and Windows 8. Mono support and Windows Phone 8.1 support are incoming.
Qi4CS is aimed to increase coding efficiency and productivity by introducing easily adaptive features from Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), Composite Oriented Programming (COP), and Dependency Injection (DI). This is the SDK package allowing generating Qi4CS assemblies at runtime.
High level IL manipulation tools built on top of mono.cecil. Currently only a very small surface of functionality is exposed which is used by Cilador.Fody to create mixins. As the project evolves, more functionality will be exposed. Please consider this version of Cilador to be pre-release.
Create your own custom, rich C# mixins with Cilador! Mixins are the perfect DRY solution for sharing code without abusing inheritance. Supports: Mixins containing fields, methods, properties, events, and nested types. Generics mixins and mixin members, so long as the top-level mixin implementation ...
IL disassembler written using reflection.