Top 20 NuGet bus Packages

Enchilada for MassTransit MessageData, Store your big pay loads anywhere!
Package Description
Wrapper for Azure Service Bus
Silverback is a simple framework to build reactive, event-driven, microservices. This package It contains the storage implementation to integrate Silverback with Entity Framework Core. It is needed to use a DbContext as storage for (temporary) data and to fire the domain events as part of the SaveCh...
A .NET Standard 2.0 for sending and receiving large files using a Message Queue, supporting the AMQP 1.0 protocol
The RabbitMQ implementation package of the Miffy Framework
Reactive extensions for Azure Service Bus .NET client
SeekU is a micro framework for simplifying CQRS and Event Sourcing in .NET.
Msmq transport for EzBus
Send mass email for aspnet with service bus
AzureBus: inspired by the simple EasyNetQ API, this library helps you get started with Microsoft Azure Service Bus pub/sub and queues!
A Rebus-powered event dispatcher for MementoFX
Package Description
A fast and ultra-lightweight (sub-100K) general messaging library and service bus for .NET
Transient error detection strategies to use with Windows Azure Service Bus or the Service Bus for Windows Server, for the Transient Fault Handling Application Block ("Topaz").
CrossChannel.NoBus is a infrastructureless service bus operating using peer-to-peer (P2P) communications.
Simple service bus built on top of Amazon Web Services
Integration to Rebus platform.
RevStackCore Event Bus NetMQ implementation
Objects for Flexberry Service Bus.