Top 20 NuGet bus Packages

Send BrokeredMessages to ServiceFabric Services through Service Bus. Optionally add this package to a project that will communicate to Reliable Services. Use in conjunction with ServiceFabric.ServiceBus.Services
An inmemory implementation of RDS.CaraBus
Package Description
Windows Service Bus (on-premises and Azure) transport layer for Nimbus
Client library for NSQ, a realtime distributed messaging platform.
This package provides a C# based durable task framework for writing long running applications.
Azure Service Bus support for the Clockwise command scheduling library.
Package Description
Postal.js is an in-memory message bus - very loosely inspired by AMQP - written in JavaScript. Postal.js runs in the browser, or on the server-side using Node.js.
An easy-to-use service bus for .NET
An observable microservice bus .NET library, based on Reactive Extensions. Search 'Obvs' for other transport, serialization, and logging extensions.
Enchilada for MassTransit MessageData, Store your big pay loads anywhere!
Retrieves CPUs installed on the system and relatives bus, clocks, voltages and temperatures. For dotnet standard.
Spring integration with Rhino.ServiceBus
Additional wireup provider for NanoMessageBus using Autofac.
Additional serialization provider for NanoMessageBus based on the Newtonsoft Json.NET library.
Additional logging provider for NanoMessageBus using Log4Net v1.2.10.
Additional logging provider for NanoMessageBus using NLog.
Additional messaging provider for NanoMessageBus using RabbitMQ messaging infrastructure.
RabbitMQ Consumer for R.MessageBus.