Top 20 NuGet bot Packages

Adds CosmosDB actions to Bot Framework composer
Adds Python functions to AdaptiveExpressions
Integrate Telegram.Bots Serializer with ASP.NET Core
Integrate Long Polling with Telegram.Bots
Adds custom QnA Lucene recognizers to Bot Framework and Bot Composer.
Interactive utilities for Wolfringo library.
Common utilities for Wolfringo library.
A .NET Library for WOLF (previously Palringo)
Remora.Discord is a .NET library for the Discord API, built for performance, reliability, and concurrency. This package contains unstable features from the Discord API - that is, features that aren't in the official documentation yet, but may be documented in a pull...
Adapter for v4 of the Bot Builder .NET SDK for connecting bots with Infobip WhatsApp communication channel.
Adapter for v4 of the Bot Builder .NET SDK for connecting bots with Infobip SMS communication channel.
A highly opinionated telegram bot framework, mainly based on Telegram.Bot.
A library for sending rich formatted Slack Bot Messages. Works with .NET Core, .NET Standard and .NET Framework.
Simple framework for building powerful Telegram bots 🤖
Easy-to-use API for writing Slack bots
API for accessing Palringo via .net. Written in .net standard. Works with Core and Framework. Asynchronous / Thread-safe. The logo is property of Palringo. By using this application you agree to the Palringo Terms of Service.
A fuzzy matching recognizer to allow for matching a string against one or more strings.
Middleware component for Microsoft Bot Builder v4 to allow the handling of incoming activities based on their activity type. e.g. ConversationUpdate
Middleware extensions for Bot Builder v4 SDK that allows you to match a message receieved from a bot user against a list of strings and then carry out an appropriate action. Matching does not have to be exact and you can set the threshold as to how closely the message should match with an item in th...
This dialog allows you to provide the user with a series of guides choice prompts in turn (defined in a JSON file or as a collection of ChoiceFlowItem objects), similar to when calling a telephone line with a series of automated options. You receive their last choice as a result from the dialog and ...