Top 20 NuGet bot Packages

LINE Messaging API Client Library for .NET (C#)
RLBot is a framework for writing Rocket League bots in .NET languages.
Websocket alternative for microsystems
Noobot Toolkit gives you bonus middleware and plugins to use while developing your Noobot (Slack Bot).
A .Net client for HTTP API
SDK for the LINE Messaging API for C#
Unofficial Azure Active Directory authentication library for bots built with Microsoft Bot Framework
This is an experimental release of the PalringoV3 client. This is in no way near production ready, and probably never will be. Use at your own risk!
A dotnet-new template package including Discord bot templates for popular .NET libraries.
An API wrapper for Discord Boats.
A .NET wrapper for misakamm's MisaMino, a battle Tetris AI
An open-source library to easily connect with the Everybody Edits Universe™ game and send packets to interact with the server.
A library used for multiple streaming libraries to share common code logic. For more information, please see our project site:
Sample rules for GravyBot IRC bot library
Simple keyboard builders for Telegram.Bot library.
A small .NET library to intercept controls on PS4 Remote Play for Windows
A dotnet core base implementation for a Slack API bot.
C# wrapper for the Viber REST API (Public Accounts / bots).
Middleware extensions for Bot Builder v4 SDK that allows you to match a message receieved from a bot user against a list of strings and then carry out an appropriate action. Matching does not have to be exact and you can set the threshold as to how closely the message should match with an item in th...
An easy way to make telegram bot translatable.