Top 20 NuGet biztalk Packages

Helper classes for tracking component execution.
Helper utilities for BizTalk to be able to communicate with Microservices created using the AppFx.Microservices frameworks envelope pattern
Promotes a specified value to a specified property.
To assist in debugging your BizTalk application during development and even into production, it is often critical to have a mechanism for saving messages to one or more easily-accessible locations. The open-source logging framework Log4Net is one good solution, and the Deployment Framework for BizT...
BizTalk components to help with Dynamics CRM integration
WCF behaviour to authenticate against Azure AD
Utility for reading data from database.
Will promote result from a key value store lookup
Utility for retrieving key value lookup results from SSO
Provides OrchestrationEventStream wrapper to Ox.BizTalk.BAM Typed API framework. Requires Microsoft BizTalk Server to be installed.
The Web Solutions Platform (WSP) event system is a general-purpose distributed publish/subscribe event system designed for high performance and low latency. Publish/subscribe is a common communication pattern though there are many variations to solve different scenario requirements. The event system...
Extension methods for the BizTalk message context.
Library for packaging resources in a BizTalk MSI
Issues and promotes a new SSO Ticket
Promotes a specified value to a specified property.
Pipeline component to copy one context property to another
PipelineComponent that validates incoming XML against a schema and returns HTTP 400 if it is not valid.
Methods to query a database
Will promote the result of a database query
Component to set Charset of incoming message.