Top 20 NuGet automapper Packages

It is an extenion for mapping data to your model that returned from efcore stored procedure executed.
Mapeamento de entidades.
Visual Studio solution template for Web Api .NET Core 2.2 solutions. This VS extension should provide you with a an effective and quick start for your .NET Core API journey and save you many hours of exploring the Web for an optimal solution. Added T4 templates to save time creating Domain, Service,...
This project was created to help developers work with Telerik Grid for ASP.NET MVC providing some mapping techniques to convert Entities objects into ViewModels objects. If you're one of us, you have to implement some sort of "custom binding" methods in order to query the database reporting t...
A pack of extension methods which improves your coding experience while using AutoMapper
1-step automatic Structuremap configuration for AutoMapper.
MvsExtensions - BootstrapperTask for auto seach automapper profiles
Aperea.Data.EntityFramework is a small opinionated bootstrapper for Using EntityFramework
IObjectMapper implementation for MvcPaging's IPagedList and AutoMapper
Mapper extensions for automapper
Ever get tired of the monolithic map definition files? AutoMapperFramework generates maps from types that implement header interfaces.
Integration between AutoMapper and Unity DI
Extends ListRequestResponse builder plugin with AutoMapper's Project().To<>() support
.NET library for mapping to and from contract types using Max and Entity Framework 6.
Mgazza AutoMapper extensions
Extended EF6 functionality for AutoMapper project, easing 2-stage transforms and custom Actions after projection, with full async support.
using AutoMapper by attribute