Top 20 NuGet automapper Packages

Uses StructureMap and AutoMapper. Provides the following: - Automatic discovery and execution of application event-level tasks. - Support for Alerts in ActionResults - Controller extensions with better Json support - AutoMapper directives through Interfaces - "Smart" Default Model Metadata...
Extension methods for registering the mappers from Affecto.Mapping.AutoMapper NuGet into Autofac container.
Implement these interfaces in your entities and DTOs.
Package Description
Intent Framework AutoMapper Library
Quickly and simply make sure you have all the AutoMapper mappings you need, and none of the mappings that you do not need.
Forked from (AutoMapper.Attributes) with fixes.
Adds an implementation of PagedList that uses AutoMapper to emit ViewModels
A pack of extension methods which improves your coding experience while using AutoMapper
1-step automatic Structuremap configuration for AutoMapper.
IObjectMapper implementation for MvcPaging's IPagedList and AutoMapper
Mapper extensions for automapper
Ever get tired of the monolithic map definition files? AutoMapperFramework generates maps from types that implement header interfaces.
Extends ListRequestResponse builder plugin with AutoMapper's Project().To<>() support
AutoMapper implementation for one-way and two-way mapper interfaces defined in Affecto.Mapping NuGet.
.NET library for mapping to and from contract types using Max and Entity Framework 6.
Mgazza AutoMapper extensions
Extended EF6 functionality for AutoMapper project, easing 2-stage transforms and custom Actions after projection, with full async support.
using AutoMapper by attribute
DeepEqual.Bindings extends the idea of comparing 2 object graphs (DeepEqual library). By default, nodes not matched by name between graphs make objects not equal. With DeepEqual.Bindings you can override that behavior. You can bind nodes with different names by specifying how they are compared by ...