Top 20 NuGet aspnetcoremvc Packages

A simple ASP.NET Core TagHelper for Gravatar. To use please add the following to your '_ViewImports.cshtml' file: @using GravatarHelper.Common @addTagHelper *, GravatarHelper.AspNetCore You can then use it in any .cshtml file as follows: <img gravatar-email="" gravatar...
Strongly typed jqGrid helper for ASP.NET Core.
Helpers for handling the SEO-data for ASP.NET Core MVC web-applications
Data annotations, database utilities, and utility types for the Mvc Controls Toolkit that do not depend on core.
*TestBase* gives you a flying start with - fluent assertions that are easy to extend - sharp error messages - tools to help you test with “heavyweight” dependencies on - AspNetCore.Mvc, AspNet.Mvc or WebApi Contexts - HttpClient - Ado.Net - Streams & Logging - Mix & match with your favouri...
Raygun provider for ASP.NET Core.
An enterprise Tag Helper Library for Keenthemes Metronic (Version 5) - The most complete & trusted mobile-first and responsive Admin Theme.
Custom data annotations which allow for providing additional metadata when working with strongly typed jqGrid helper for ASP.NET Core.
Core server side support for jqGrid in ASP.NET Core.
Add RouteDebuggingLogger to your AspNetCore app and behold in relieve as it explains to your Logger what routes AspNetCore.Mvc has identified. ``` public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env) { if (env.IsDevelopment()) { app .UseDeveloperExcepti...
A Framework for handling options/preferences coming from several sources(user, browser capabilities, configuration, etc.) in core
ASP.NET Core MVC Bootstrap tag helpers. Contains tag helpers for Bootstrap's Tabs, Modal, Alert, Popover, Button, Dropdown, NavBar, and more. GitHub Repository: Demo:
This release includes ASP .NET MVC Core Tag Helpers for all widgets by jQWidgets. Some of the most notable are: - Grid - Chart - DataTable - TreeGrid - Scheduler - Layout - Docking Layout - ListBox - DropdownList - ComboBox - Tree - TreeMap - Gauges - Buttons - Navigation Bars - DatetimeInput - C...
Common infrastructure for jqGrid support in ASP.NET Core.
Core feature of Mvc Controls Toolkit.
My Tested ASP.NET Core MVC common abstractions and interfaces.
OData parsing to json and to IQueryable transformations, and OData middleware Core MVC Awesome Mods Trial Version;
A small package to allow decompress incoming request and compress outgoing response inside ASP.NET Core application.