Top 20 NuGet arguments Packages

Cedita Common Libraries with several utilities for developing .NET Applications both portable and non-portable. Note that portable libraries contain a subset of functionality available on all platforms.
A helper class with console arguments parsing, log initialization, configuration file loading. Uses NLog for logging.
A simple utility to help you parsing string array arguments into objects. With this class you can save the time spent on validations created for console applications. The arguments are bound to class properties, the binding is done using attributes over the properties, those attributes let you defin...
A callback-based program option parser for C#. See the documenation at and some examples in the code and under the OptionSet topic at
Simple .NET Commandline Parser that generates a generic object instance from the given arguments
The lightest .NET utility for processing command line arguments
Command Line tools for C#
PCL to process command line arguments.
Simple command line arguments parser.
Packs command line arguments into a map or object for easy usage
Utilities for parsing and executing commands from a command line.
Adds a new type of process with the type name "ExecutableProcess", allowing any type of file to be started straight from the exe that is associated with it's filetype. While you can already start files using "Process.Start", this allows files to be used in the context of the program, allowing "UseSh...
Allows to create rich command line interface.
The best command line options parser for .net
COmmand LIne PARSer
A fluent, extensible interface for guard clauses and argument validation.
CommandLine Parsing Library for .Net
C# Console Utility Microlibrary Boost your C# Console Applications with a few simple extensions and components. For more information check out the project site!
Automatically provides an excellent command line interface to your existing .NET classes