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This library represents an alternative to 'String.Format()', but with template support.
Ookii.CommandLine is a powerful command line parsing library for .Net applications. It allows you to easily define required, optional, positional and named arguments, parse the command line, and generate usage information.
Commandline Argument Parser for .Net
Fully managed library providing convenience methods to perform argument checks. Thrower allows to write preconditions in a pretty lean way, which reduces the clutter at the beginning of each method by removing the need to use the cumbersome 'if true then throw ex' required to validate parameters. Fo...
Thor.NET is a port of a popular ruby framework for command-line interfaces.
A parsing class to greatly simplify working with command line arguments in loosely coupled and generic way for a .Net application (e.g. console, client, or even web application).
C# command-line argument parsing deserialization from attributes. parse command line arguments DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious test r...
Guardian. Mostly of null values. An unobtrusive, lightweight, guard clause source code package: less than 300 lines of code. Should be used like this: Guard.Against.Null(() => parameter); May be extended like this: Guard.Against.Empty(() => collection); Possibly the best t...
Arguments.NET is a library for interacting with command-line arguments.
Package Description
Package Description
Provides extension methods for the Guardian source code package.
Convention based argument handling for console applications.
Fluent Null check - With - Return - If - Unless - Do - As<> - AsNullable<> - Cast<> - SilentCast<> - TryWith - TryReturn - TryDo -Throw Check argument and throw exception - ShouldnotBeNull - ShouldHaveValue (for T?) - ShouldBeInRange - ShouldnotBeInRange - ShouldBeAtLeast - ShouldBeAtMost - ShouldS...
ExtensibleServiceProcess.Arguments is the integration of Arguments.NET into ExtensibleServiceProcess.
prmToolkit É um projeto responsável por dar apoio a outros projetos. # ArgumentsValidator Classe responsável por gerenciar validações de argumentos. VANTAGENS >Podemos realizar validações indivíduais ou em grupos >É possível levantar uma exceção ou captura-las
Command-line Arguments Parser Simulator for .Net (C.A.P.S (dot Net))
Command-line argument parser.
Command line parser for .NET. Parses command line parameters into custom POCO objects. forked from ( 1.1.2