Top 20 NuGet active Packages

Package makes integrating JWT Bearer Token Security to your ASP .NET Core 2.0+ app a breeze!! Azure Active Directory, Google, Facebook, Twitter auth integration. Also, Swagger UI integration!
Dapper-based fluent library to simplify Active Directory data access.
Managed implementation/wrapper for the various ADSI enumerations, interfaces and objects
A System.Web.Security.RoleProvider that uses Active Directory groups as its data store. See: for RoleProvider configuration details.
A wrapper library for Active Directory (LDAP) authentication
A System.Web.Security.RoleProvider that maps to existing Active Directory groups. See: for RoleProvider configuration details.
Get all users details on current active directory. Winform just for a display but you can use only object "enterprise". To work well the dll have to be initialised with user credentials on the active directory you want scan.
Class Library to access the active directory objects.
MMSC Token Helper would create token for you. You need to create app in app registration in azure. Just supply Client id, Client Secrete, Username and Password.
A simple API for basic Active Directory tasks.
Package that eases modifcations in AD. I can inivite users,delete users,add users to groups and retrieve all the group names for a provided userid.
Project to extend the LINQ to LDAP provider with useful features like scopes.
Provides extensions to the ActiveScriptEngine package.
UserActivityStats for ServiceStack provides info on active users, including their's inactivity time and last seen IP
DSInternals DataStore is an advanced framework for offline ntds.dit file manipulation. It can be used to extract password hashes from Active Directory backups or to modify the sIDHistory and primaryGroupId attributes.
DSInternals SAM implements a client for the Security Accounts Manager Remote Protocol (SAM-R) and Local Security Authority Remote Protocol(MS-LSAD or LSARPC). It can be used to import password hashes into Active Directory or to query and modify LSA Policy.
Ldap classes to simple CRUD objects based on Novell.Directory.Ldap for Windows, Linux, Mac