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This package contains extensions to Azure Active Directory Library for .NET (ADAL.NET)
Compile LDAP filter strings (RFC 1960/2254/4515) from LINQ Expressions, or parse them into LINQ Expressions.
Dapplo.CaliburnMicro.Toasts brings toasts via CaliburnMicro and ToastNotifications
Templates to use when creating a web app that signs in users or a protected web API with the Microsoft identity platform (and call downstream APIs)
LINQ provider built on top of System.DirectoryServices.Protocols for querying and updating LDAP servers.
This adds Active Directory group permissions to Dapplo.CaliburnMicro based applications
Rebuld of (Novell.Directory.Ldap.NETStandard) for dotnet core 2.1 Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.* packages .NET Standard 2.0 LDAP client library: .NET Core, .NET Framework 4.6. Works with any LDAP server (including Microsoft Active Directory - AD)
Simplifies working with PKI-related Active Directory objects (such as certificate templates and certification authorities).
Changelog : - Add Attachment Support for Sending Mail
MS Windows related tools like icon extraction, reading data from url-files, put text into clipboard, Network, getting metadata from DNS or DHCP or Active Directory
.NetStandard library for accessing easily Azure AD/B2C secured API's via Oauth2 and getting information via the Graph Api
Gear for creating expressions that actively re-evaluate when changes occur.
Rebuld of (Novell.Directory.Ldap.NETStandard) for net standard 1.3 with signing Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.* packages Assemly has strong key and can be placed in GAC .NET Standard 1.3 LDAP signed client library. Works with any LDAP server (including Microsoft Active Directory - AD)
LDAP Libraries for C# enables you to write applications that access, manage, and update information stored in Novell eDirectory™ or other LDAP-aware directories. These classes are based on the IETF LDAP Java Application Program Interface.
Plugin for easy Active Directory integration with your ASP.NET project. Works with both Windows Authentication or you can make the user login using his Windows User. (Only Works in IntraNet App). Supports pagination
ILdapHelper implementation for cloudscribe Core LDAP authentication support
A fast and robust class library that allows you to easily query and manipulate users, groups, and objects in Active Directory. Note: Not currently supported in Mono.
A Laravel (Eloquent) inspired ORM for .NET
This package is shared between all other DSInternals packages. Its main features are Azure AD Graph API and ADSI clients for for retrieval of cryptographic material. It contains implementations of common hash functions used by Windows, including NT hash, LM hash and OrgId hash. It also contains meth...
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