Top 20 NuGet aws Packages

AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the back up of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on-premises.
This is the initial SDK release for Amazon WorkLink. Amazon WorkLink is a fully managed, cloud-based service that enables secure, one-click access to internal websites and web apps from mobile phones. With Amazon WorkLink, employees can access internal websites as seamlessly as they access any other...
Serverless .NET for AWS - Base Library
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Application Load Balancer package.
This release is intended ONLY for customers that are officially part of the Amazon Textract Preview program. If you are not officially part of the Amazon Textract program THIS WILL NOT WORK. Our two main regions for Amazon Textract Preview are N. Virginia and Dublin. Also some members have been adde...
Amazon Mobile Analytics is a service that lets you simply and cost effectively collect and analyze your application usage data. In addition to providing usage summary charts that are available for quick reference, Amazon Mobile Analytics enables you to set up automatic export of your data to Amazon ...
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Json Serialization support for Humidifier.
Humidifier allows you to build AWS CloudFormation templates programmatically.
A trace listener for System.Diagnostics that can be used to log events straight to Amazon DynamoDB.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - DynamoDBEvents package.
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - KinesisEvents package.
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
The AWS Support API provides methods for creating and managing AWS Support cases and for retrieving the results of AWS Trusted Advisor checks.
The AWS CloudHSM service helps you meet corporate, contractual and regulatory compliance requirements for data security by using dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM) appliances within the AWS cloud. With CloudHSM, you control the encryption keys and cryptographic operations performed by the HSM.
AWS CodeCommit is a fully-managed source control service that makes it easy for companies to host secure and highly scalable private Git repositories.
AWS Config is a fully managed service that provides you with an AWS resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications to enable security and governance.
AWS Data Pipeline is a managed extract-transform-load (ETL) service that helps you reliably and cost-effectively move and process data across your on-premise data stores and AWS services.