Top 20 NuGet aspnetmvc Packages

Backbone.js TypeScript Starter Kit
.NET Unit test helpers for asserting that ASP.NET MVC Core controller / Razor Page actions return expected results
Contains extension methods for the System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper class. Allowing you to use Asp.Net MVC with the Twitter Bootstrap UI Framework.
Fluent Assertions extensions for ASP.NET MVC 3.
SwissKnife.Mvc is supplemental library for ASP.NET MVC 4 Including Html Helpers, Validation Attributes, etc.
Tools to Speed Up EF Coding
See description at project site or follow the link:
Hydrogen Async Extensions for ASP.NET MVC 5
StructureMap 3 IOC Integration for HtmlTags.AspNet.Mvc
ASP.NET MVC Helpers and conventions for ZURB Foundation using HtmlTags.AspNet.Mvc
ASP.NET MVC helpers and conventions for Twitter Bootstrap using HtmlTags.AspNet.Mvc
[MVC3 Only] This fluent MVC TreeView helper makes it easy to build and customize an HTML unordered-list tree from a recursive model.
Authentication and account management plugin for ASP.NET MVC. MvcAccount is a substitute for MembershipProvider designed for ASP.NET MVC, that provides more features and the ability to store username/password and other related data in your own database. See
Core UcdArch dll. If you need additional functionality look at the UcdArch.NHibernate and UcdArch.Mvc packages
Этот пакет содержит русские вспомогательные сборки для ASP.NET MVC.
此套件包含 ASP.NET MVC 的繁體中文附屬組件。
See MvcHaack.Ajax package description
Backbone.js CoffeeScript Starter Kit
Backbone.js JavaScript Starter Kit