Top 20 NuGet aspnetmvc Packages

Contains all assemblies required to use the Kentico Xperience API in class libraries developed for ASP.NET MVC 5 applications. Does not include content items or other modifications intended for the MVC web application itself.
Container-per-request and other IoC goodness for ASP.NET MVC 5.1 using StructureMap.
Would you like to write simple and clean specs around your ASP.NET MVC controllers, filters, and helpers? All you need is SpecsFor and this package!
A package, which includes helpful auxiliary methods. With this package, software development is faster. Features: - Extensions - Helpers - Filters * AjaxOnlyAttribute * ContentTypeFilterAttribute * GlobalizationFilterAttribute * PasswordValidatorAttribute * PreventDuplicateReque...
Elmah.Contrib.Mvc was designed to add ease-of-use to Elmah inside ASP.NET MVC projects
Tugberk's most common used Html Helpers, Helper Results, Extensions, RouteConstraints, etc. for ASP.NET MVC 3
jQuery 2 installation into Bridge.NET projects.
Extension to Model Metadata that provide convention based resource lookup
Bootstrap installation into Bridge.NET projects.
WebGL installation into Bridge.NET projects.
AspNetCore Mvc Localized Routing
ASP.NET MVC augmentations needed to support single page applications.
UCDArch Mvc package for bringing UCDArch and related components into an MVC application
Common functionality for ASP.Net MVC applications - configuration, generic controller, generic repository, generic version history controller, access denied attribute, account management.
Bridge.NET support for the developer tools debugging console
Unit test framework for Bridge.NET projects. Write tests in C#, run them in JavaScript.
Aspect framework for Bridge.NET projects. Provides powerful means for structuring and automating program logic.
ASP.NET MVC augmentations needed to support single page applications.
This simple filter allows you to time all your action methods. See the ReadMe.txt file for details. See for details.
Dieses Paket enthält die deutschen Satellitenassemblys für ASP.NET MVC.