Top 20 NuGet api Packages

Revit 2018 Assembly List: AddInJournalClient.dll AdWindows.dll RevitAddInUtility.dll RevitAPI.dll RevitAPIIFC.dll RevitAPIUI.dll UIFramework.dll UIFrameworkServices.dll
A .NET Core 3.1 API template using CQRS and EntityFramework.
Exmo API Client for .NET
Autodesk© AutoCAD© base .NET SDK libraries
A template to create a .Net Core service for Azendoo
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Leatherback service logica.
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Client libraries to interact with the Dynamic 365 Customer Insights APIs.
Tools for Autodesk Civil 3D Pipes Catalog
A .Net Core 3.1 copy of TLSharp with extensions for easier use...
WhiteApp or QuickApp API solution template which is built on Onion Architecture with all essential feature using .NET Core!
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Knox API utlity to sign JWT tokens
This library allows you to develop plugins to extend functionality and change behaviour of the iikoFront application.
Flutterwave RAVE Payment API Library for .NET.